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Scott Birkeland, Ph.D.

Serving as the Vice President of Stang Decision Systems, Scott A. Birkeland, Ph.D., is an authority on employee selection. He collaborates closely with clients, crafting and instituting bespoke hiring systems tailored to their unique requirements. Over his illustrious 28-year career, Scott has partnered with hundreds of organizations, empowering them to pinpoint, nurture, and engage the talent pivotal for a competitive edge. He champions the integration of sophisticated decision-making tools, helping entities amplify their HR prowess.

Before joining SDS, Scott honed his skills at Personnel Decisions International (PDI) in Minneapolis, MN, and PDRI in Tampa, FL.

An alumnus of the University of South Florida, Scott was conferred with a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. His expertise isn't limited to consulting; his rigorous research in employee selection, performance management, and talent development has graced numerous conferences and found its way into renowned books and academic journals.

Eva Har-Even

Eva Har-Even is a distinguished professional, serving as the Founder and CEO of Wise Leaders™. With an impressive career spanning over 25 years, she is a senior Leadership, Executive, and Career Coach, as well as a seasoned Consultant.

Eva's coaching acumen has been recognized globally, and she has made a significant impact across various industries, including Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Insurance, Media, Consumer Products, Telecommunications, Advertising, Law firms, Consulting firms, Government, and Not-for-Profits. Eva is dedicated to assisting mid-level to top executives in discovering, defining, and accelerating their leadership and career development trajectories.

In 2002, Eva founded Wise Leaders™, providing her services through the platform and collaborating with other senior coaches for extensive projects. Prior to this, she held senior positions at Manchester, a Human Capital Management firm, where she played a pivotal role in designing, managing, and delivering global leadership and career development programs, coaching senior executives from diverse industries.

Eva earned a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, Leadership Development, and Career Counseling from New York University and Bachelor’s degree in Art History with high honors from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Farleigh Dickinson University.

Stanley B. Silverman

Stan Silverman is Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus at The University of Akron and serves as the President of Human Resource Decisions, Inc. With a background in psychology, leadership, and human resources, Stan has advised organizations of various sizes globally, focusing on areas such as leadership and management development, organizational change, performance management, and employee training. Notable clients in his expansive career include General Motors, Goodyear, Disney, and Allstate, among others.

Stan is a co-author of a widely recognized book, Working Scared and has contributed articles to esteemed journals like The Journal of Applied Psychology and Personnel Psychology. He is an active member of professional organizations, notably Division 14 (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc.) of the American Psychological Association, where he has chaired conventions and committees.

In his current research, Stan delves into workplace arrogance and has recently published findings in esteemed journals such as Human Performance and the Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. He's recognized for his influence in the field and has been featured on the NBC Today Show, discussing workplace-related issues. Stan was honored with induction into the Cleveland Heights High School Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame in 2022, further underscoring his impactful contributions to psychology and organizational development.

Spencer J. Stang, Ph.D.

As the founder and owner of Stang Decision Systems, Spencer J. Stang, Ph.D., has carved a niche in designing and implementing tailored employee selection systems, notably for the petrochemical industry. With a rich experience spanning 28 years, Spencer has collaborated with numerous globally renowned businesses, non-profits, and sports organizations, guiding them in identifying, nurturing, and leveraging their talent. Central to his philosophy is the deployment of advanced decision-making tools, empowering organizations to maximize their human resource potential.

Spencer earned his Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Beyond his expansive consulting portfolio, he has made significant academic contributions. His research on decision-making, employee selection systems, and cognitive biases has not only been showcased at leading conferences but also features in esteemed scientific journals and popular HR publications.