In-Depth Assesments

In-Depth Assessments


We believe that all individuals, as well as the organizations in which they work, are unique. We further believe that it is possible for an applicant to be highly successful in one organizational culture, but not be nearly as successful in another. In light of this, we do not use the same set of assessment instruments or face-to-face interviews with all clients. Instead, we are committed to custom-designed individual assessment processes for each of our client organizations.

Our Process

We realize that it is our prime responsibility to accurately determine whether an applicant possesses the requisite personal characteristics and abilities needed to be a highly successful executive, manager, or salesperson within a particular client organization. Therefore, prior to beginning our in-depth assessments, we speak with key individuals to fully comprehend the culture in which the individual will operate. We strive also to understand the basic personality traits, leadership attributes, communication skills, interpersonal talents, organizing and planning skills, operating style, intelligence level, self-motivation, and level of self-confidence that are needed. We then customize our battery of tests and our face-to-face interview to assess these particular attributes.

The assessment process itself involves about six hours of testing and interviewing by Dr. Kenneth N. Wexley and Dr. Douglas A. Strouse, who have spent over 30 years assessing candidates for numerous organizations nationwide. After the instruments are scored and interpreted, a comprehensive report is then generated for the client organization. This report highlights, in a clear manner, the applicant’s strengths and developmental needs.

The process typically involves the applicant spending several hours meeting with Drs. Wexley and Strouse in Towson, Maryland. A phone interview and on-site testing can be arranged if an applicant is unable to visit our offices in Towson. All written assessment reports are generated within a few days, after all information is gathered about the organization’s culture and the applicant’s characteristics. If requested, an immediate verbal report can be provided by phone to the client organization.

Our Results

Our assessment process is highly accurate, legally defensible, and appealing to those who have gone through it. We are proud of our achieved success rate: nine out of ten people hired or promoted. Some of our client organizations have been using our services for over 30 years.