Wexley Consulting | Organizational Diagnosis

Organizational Diagnosis

Our Philosophy

Rather than jumping in with solutions, which a lot of management consultants do, we prefer to systematically determine a company's strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Our Process

We do this by designing a customized interview protocol for your company that will assess the key variables that lead to organizational excellence. We then conduct a series of individual interviews with each of the key people in your company (e.g., yourself, managers, salespeople, support staff) who you feel we should talk to get a complete understanding of the organization. Most of these interviews will be conducted on-site; some interviews may need to be done off-site by phone.

Once the interviews are completed, we analyze and integrate all of the information collected in order to capture your company's major organizational strengths and limitations.

We then use our knowledge and expertise of organizational effectiveness to generate a comprehensive written report that describes Organizational Strengths and Limitations, as well as provides you with a detailed Organizational Improvement Plan. We then meet with you to discuss our recommendations and implementation strategies.

Our Results

Clients tell us that our organizational diagnoses are extremely comprehensive, accurate, and useful. You will receive valuable feedback about your organization’s strategic direction, communication systems, growth potential, customer service, and corporate policies and procedures.